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We all search for our True North. At Navegante, we provide comprehensive advice throughout the process of creating your own financial navigation chart. Start your adventure!

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Plan for your family’s future

Whether it is education, health, or insurance, we provide advice to ensure your family’s safety and well-being.

Secure your future

We show you how to plan for retirement to ensure your ease of mind, starting today!

Be prepared for any event

We guide you in the process of building cashflow to overcome any unexpected circumstance you may face.

Put your financial concerns behind you

We help you create a strategic plan to pay off your debts and cover your expenses efficiently.

Rest assured

Experience the comfort of knowing that your finances are secure with our research-based investment philosophy.

Reach financial stability

It is not just about making more money but about managing it in a way that fulfills your needs and takes you closer to your goals and aspirations.
Wealth management with a personal touch

We take on the task of getting to know you, really know you. We get to know your dreams and aspirations, what is truly important to you and what makes you happy. We remain by your side on every step of the journey. Our boutique–level, comprehensive financial consultancy service is personalized to meet your particular needs.

Carlos Coutin
CEO Navegante

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A unique method to ensure success


The process begins with the discovery meeting where we get to know you and your financial goals. We introduce you to our unique methodology, and we gather all the financial data related to your current situation.

Action Plan

Our financial planning is based on clear personal goals. We help you understand the costs associated with your objectives, and we guide you in coming up with a specific and concrete plan, your personalized navigation chart.

Execution & Monitoring

In Navegante, you have a friend who is always willing to listen. Additionally, we continuously advise you based on market-related events that impact your investment goals.

Phase 1

This is where the process starts. We take the time to learn everything about you–your life, your dreams, who and what is most important to you and how this all fits into your financial picture today. We also review your financial information to create your very own navigation chart. Phase 1 takes between 4 to 6 weeks, depending upon the various degrees of complexity at play. Our process is fluid and multimodal, including face-to-face meetings, telephone conversations, and digital interactions.

Phase 2

After we create your financial navigation chart, we will walk you through the implementation of your action plan, with a consistent month-by-month review.

We are free of conflicts of interests

We don’t sell financial products, we offer exceptional financial advice.
directing you to the most effective pathways to leverage your assets.

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A navigation chart that is uniquely yours

We are a dedicated team of personal finance professionals led by Carlos Coutin, a graduate of Newbury College and Boston University, with more than 10 years of experience in financial planning. We do not sell financial packages; we are advisors who help you evaluate the different options available in the market and let you know which are the most appropriate for you.

“With over 15 years working for the financial department of big companies, I was wondering if looking for an advisor to help me with my personal finances was worth my time and investment.

My experience with Navegante confirmed that my plans for optimizing my finances were, indeed, correct. Even beyond the consultancy service, they helped me strengthen my support network on a professional level.

Navegante’s level of service is thorough and dedicated and that’s why I recommend them.”

Juan Antonio de Zubiría

Associate Director, Coreway

“Navegante has been crucial for all my financial decisions for many years. I met Carlos in college at Boston University, and I recognized him for his integrity, transparency and vast knowledge of financial matters. That’s why with time, he became my financial advisor as I started my own business ventures, and the complexities of my finances kept increasing.

Carlos is the only person I trust and who I consult with every time I am faced with a new financial decision to make. I know he will always give me the best possible advice; he is always looking after my well-being and my financial security.”

Ronald Pozzi

Entrepreneur & Fashion Photographer at Harper's Bazaar, Instyle, Elle and Marie Claire, New York, Milan

“I was so lucky to find Navegante because you have changed the way I see my future. Before working with Navegante I didn’t plan the use of my financial resources, I didn’t pay attention to personal expenses nor did I think about my savings.

Despite being an economist and working as a strategic consultant for companies, helping them solve their problems, I had forgotten a very important thing: Myself. With Navegante I was able to recognize the importance of balancing every aspect of personal life and finding one’s self. Do you want to plan a dream? Make it a reality with financial consulting.

In my case I went from having negative cash flow every month, to having savings and investing plans so that I can fulfill my dream of going to Harvard. I feel so happy to have taken this personal consultancy service and having improved this forgotten, but very important aspect of my life. ¡Thank you, Navegante! You do incredible work.”

Juan Carlos Rodríguez

Executive Directos, Iphora Consultores

“At Navegante we obtained great personalized advice for the restructuring and the consolidation of our personal finances, focused on tailor made plan according to our interests, so our dreams are possible.

With their methodology of diagnosis, plan of attack and execution-monitoring we managed to have a clear route toward our True North so that our actions are directed by an encouraging scenario that motivates us to believe that discipline and excellent advice can change the direction of our lives.

Our financial planner is absolutely charismatic, inspiring and passionate with the achievement of our objectives; the confidence achieved after each consultancy becomes a vital input to continue with a project that will yield short, medium and long term returns. 

We are aware that many questions will come down the road to understanding concepts that will help us to be clearer in our route and we appreciate Navegante’s commitment to our dreams and we are sure that their guidelines will certainly help us grow as human beings in society.”

Silvana Godoy Mateus y Paola Andrea Culma Gomez


“I am grateful to Navegante for the support provided during the current quarter. The financial, tax and actuarial advice they provided has been key to proactively making changes to my finances that allow better cash flow and planning the next steps in my personal finances in the medium and long term. In addition, the friendly, sincere and transparet guidance allowed me to internalize changes that I need to do to improve my financial and personal well-being.”

Alfonso Lozano Ferrucio

Líder de Operaciones Comerciales Norte de Latinoamérica, Zoetis

Invest globally

We use an evidence-based investment approach–a structured and emotion-free way of long-term investing driven by logic, facts and the latest investment theory. We focus on doing fewer things exceptionally well and positioning you to take advantage of the market.


Markets perform well


Market prices are fair


Portfolio diversity and structure rule


Risk and returns are related


Costs are important

Let’s meet so that you can tell us about your dreams and aspirations. Let’s establish your starting point, define your True North and create your financial navigation chart to achieve your life’s goals.

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